Club Fittings
Duncan now has the latest in club fitting technology that can measure all the principles of club fitting from clubhead speed, face angle, lie angle, shaft lean, attack angle plus more. This new device allows Duncan to 'fit' you correctly for your new driver, irons, putter etc.
One of the biggest influences in club fitting is the ball. Because golf balls are all so difference (dimple patterns, compression, construction etc) using different types of balls will give you different readings or results. In 'true' club fitting you need to visually see the ball flight, how the ball reacts through the air and when it makes contact with the ground. This is because certain weather conditions like air temperature and humidity have an influence on ball flight.
As well as this Duncan believes that only qualified PGA Professionals can assist you 100% accurately when it comes to club fitting.
So when your next at the club pop in to the Pro Shop and see Duncan about club fittings.
Titleist Fitting Day
Monday 22nd January from 9.00am to late afternoon.
I will have the Titleist Fitting Ambassador for New Zealand here helping to expert fit the whole range of Titleist equipment using the latest in technology from Trackman, showing you the real gains you may achieve. Please contact me to book times as soon as you can as these days are very popular.